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4 ways Contrax will help you


Store all contract information in a single place. This way you can always access all important data quickly

Cost Breakdown

Find out where your money goes every month. This way you can easily cut unnecessary costs.


Receive notifications for upcoming contract cancellations and missed bonus payments

Full Privacy

Your data remains safe – and only with you. You can also protect it with FaceID.



With Contrax, you can manage all your contracts – insurance, gas, mobile data, cloud storage, Netflix or the gym – in one app.
That way, you’ll know who to contact if an insurance claim ever comes up. Or when you need to look for a new cell phone contract.

Gone are the days when you had to search through dusty document folders.Now you can just take a look at your Contrax app and voila – you have all the information you need.

Cost Breakdown

The month is long, money is tight at the end. But why actually? With Contrax, you can see exactly which contracts are eating up your money. A few euros here, a few euros there. But in the end, it all adds up to a big chunk of money.

Annual contracts in particular are often overlooked because they are not debited monthly and are therefore not actively kept in mind. But even these annual costs are simply calculated down to a monthly price and thus remain present.


You’ve probably experienced the situation yourself: you sign a contract, forget about it, and only remember it when it’s too late and it’s automatically renewed.

This scenario is now a thing of the past. Contrax automatically reminds you of upcoming contract renewals. Namely 3 months, 1 month and 2 weeks before the expiration of the cancellation period. This way, you won’t miss the deadline and have enough time to send your termination notice on time.

Data Export

Contrax never locks you in. All data can be exported as a .csv file at any time for use in Excel and many other programs. So you can make further analysis of your data, make a personal backup and much more. You get all the saved data, so you don’t lose anything.

Full Privacy

Contrax is designed so that no data about your contracts is sent to us or anyone else. So you can be sure that your private information will remain private. 
All data remains on your device only.
There is also no tracking software of any kind built in to monitor you or your behavior. 

Furthermore, Contrax offers the possibility to protect the app via FaceID and TouchID. This way, no one but you can access your sensitive data. 

„Best App in this segment that satisfies my requirements.
No account necessary and all data stays with me. Period.“


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